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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  August 13, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

5:00 am >> thanks for watching and have a great weekend. moments away on "good morning washington" -- tens of thousands of people in the dark. now there's more rain and another long clean-up. >> if it is him, he should be hanged. >> a suspect now in custody and victims react. >> he's back. "good morning washington" begins right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning on this friday, i am scott thuman. >> i am greta kreuz. alison starling is off today.
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we're going to check with jim russ in a moment, but first we checked with adam caskey. are we out of the woods? >> natt yet. -- not yet. it is damp all lovelle about with. in stafford county little. western prince george's county as well. 74 degrees at reagan national, 73 in leesburg and manassas, a 72 at bwi. thoroughly gray skies today, maybe a peak of sunshine this afternoon. a few isolated showers this midday or afternoon. nothing heavy. back to you. >> thank you. thousands of houses and businesses are still in the
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dark this morning after yesterday's double dose of severe thunderstorms. the numbers have gone down since yesterday. montgomery county had 133,000 customers still without power. another long weekend of cleaning up across the region. the weather blew down trees and power lines and now this morning homeowners are assessing the damage and hoping for a break. pamela brown as the latest. >> four allen of the last 18 days, our region has endured severe damage from storms. the rain this morning is not helping. the potomac river continues to swell. the runoff water has come onto haines point in d.c. it has come 40 feet onto shore.
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we have seen a lot of issues of flooding around d.c., people having their basements flooded. crews have been working overnight on the roadway is trying to clear downed trees. we have seen countless of them through the region, on people's houses and on cars and businesses. that has been a big issue. it's led to a number of power outages. the d.c. department of public works will hand out sandbags again today on k and new jersey ave. you can go there. it's led to the long day of clean up all over our region. back to you. >> thank you. lots of fears of flooding. the potomac river overflowed and haines point in southwest. the water covered part of a park bench. a lot of people in the district will be spending today cleaning up from the storms.
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one of the hardest-hit areas is the shepherd park neighborhood in the northern part of northwest. branches on trellises. many residents had power outages. a developing story this friday morning, the alleged serial stacker accused of attacks in michigan, virginia, is in jail this morning. he's a christian from israel. he was arrested wednesday night in atlanta trying to board a plane for israel. he is suspected in 18 attacks, five of them fatal. police arrested and released elias abuelazam on august 5 after euga routine traffic stop. they found he had enough outstanding misdemeanor assault what from leesburg but it had nothing to do with the stabbings. a gunman shot and killed a
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man in oxon hill last night. police were called to the 1000 block of marsy's law and around 11:00 p.m. officers found a man suffering from gunshot loans. he was pronounced dead at the scene. president obama is expected to sign a bill increasing security along the border with mexico. the $600 million bill was approved during a special senate session yesterday. it puts more agents and equipment along the border. there, the economy is slowing down. the labor department's as first- time claims for jobless benefits rose by two dozen less week up to 480,000, a highest since february. the latest on the investigation into monday's alaska plane crash that killed former senator ted stevens and
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four others. federal investigators have finished much of the work at the crash site. they have shifted their focus to interviewing survivors and hoisting the wreckage from the steep mountain. the fuel will be on monday in anchorage. -- funeral. former nasa chief sean o'keefe is still in critical condition in the hospital. his son is in fair condition. 13-year-old willie phillips is listed in good condition. his father was killed in the crash. are you ready for some football? tim brant has a preview of tonight's redredskins' preseason opener. >> and we have areas you might want to avoid with construction. >> the forecast when we checked
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want to avoid with construction. >> the forecast when we checked traffic and weather
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coming up on 5:10 on this friday morning. it was an active thursday with damaging, severe weather in the morning. and in the afternoon and evening. today is not as active as
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yesterday, but still a little unsettled. we still have rain showers to contend with. the areas that got a lot of rain yesterday are still getting it. frederick southdown 270 akram auglaize to gaithersburg. from around the beltway, 95 corridor, especially prince william county northward. it is slowly drifting from the east to west. we will have partial and midday sun shine. temperature is right now mid 70's degrees. mid 80's this afternoon. mainly cloudy this weekend. a few isolated showers. clearing up by monday. now to jim russ. thethere's a tree down on olive of the beltway near university blvd.. traffic is getting by to the left. you need to slow down.
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the alleged loot at 66, a car stopped in a hazardous spot, so be careful. on the beltway in the wilson bridge area, in pretty good shape foxhole near arizona, lotus closed from the storm yesterday. >> crews will be doing repairs on the 14th street bridge. the northbound hov lane will be closed down this weekend from 10:00 tonight until noon tomorrow. metro will be doing trappe work on aaland, biddlecom and green lines through sunday. i expect delays up to 30 minutes. faqua delavan on this friday morning, -- why facebook is not just for social
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in our top stories, the d.c. area is cleaning up after another round of severe thunderstorms yesterday. plenty of damage left behind. high winds brought down trees and power lines, leaving thousands of people without electricity. flash floods left several roads underwater. a man has been arrested in connection with the deadly stabbings. elias abuelazam was a restaurant tried to board a flight from atlanta to israel. he's a prime suspect in 20 attacks, mostly on african- american men. jurors in the corruption trial of the former illinois gov. are taking the day off. the roads the judge they could only reach an agreement on two of the 24 counts against him.
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the judge told them to continue deliberating. another week, the same story. massive power outages across the region after another round of strong storms. the pepco customers, more frustration from another night in the dark. mike conneen is live in white oak with more highlights. >> good morning. we spoke with pepco this morning. as of the latest numbers in montgomery county they are still looking at 33,000 customers without power this morning. about 5000 in d.c.. 2000 in prince george's county. as well as parts of northern virginia. dominik is working with power -- dominion has power outages. in montgomery county a lot of houses off without power. pepco crews have been looking around the clock.
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more and more pepco customers are getting back on line this morning. the head of pepco says yesterday's storms was so strong that trees were toppled and twisted off at the trump. -- trunk. there are frustrated because in the last two and a half weeks they have had to restore the system multiple times. today the crews will continue working. another tough day for pepco crews and crews across. to try to clean up after this major storm. mike conneen reporting from lidle. >> pepco has been under fire for what critics call a slow response. now maryland public service commission plans to hold a hearing. the board has ordered pepco officials to appear at a hearing tuesday in baltimore. the state is demanding answers from the electric company about its performance during and after severe weather. on to the oil disaster in
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the gulf, crews are testing the blown out well to see if it has permanently been sealed. the government says it is likely that bp will continue drilling the relief well. if the tests show the mud and cement injected into the oil well have a plug to it, a bottom killed and not be needed. a new use for a social network. now you can book flights on facebook. another country is waiting and blackberry ban. >> india is threatening to shut down blackberry service by the end of the month. the country wants its law enforcement and intelligence agencies to have access to the smart phones encrypted communication. research in motion, the maker, says no. india could also shut down skype and google internet based messaging due to security concerns. two new features are available for google android smart phones. you can dictate e-mail and text
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messages and ask for directions and find them with google maps. you have flown to a phone extension that lets you get information, web pages, phone numbers, and video from your desktop direct with your phone. now you can book delta air lines flights on facebook. go to their social media ticket window and booked tickets without going to the delta website. there's an extra charge. with kids going back to school soon, you may want to check out the new educational tool ys. there is a digital, hand-held platform with games and activities that teaches everything from art and music to geography, math, antall hygiene -- oral hygiene. >> the ability to track jr's progress to see the game they're
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playing and how much time is spent on them and where they have done well and answered questions of corporate and areas where they needlework. >> it costs $70. the cartridges can cost $25 apiece. for information on these stories, log on to the technology page at im rob nelson. 4 let's turn to adam caskey the weather. >> it was boring again as i drove to work. >> yes. ring again. >> today it is just the garden variety light rain we are dealing with this morning. a few isolated showers dotting the landscape here and there. even later today, tomorrow, and sunday, unsettled weather. temperatures are near 70.
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look at rainfall totals on the right. nearly four inches from yesterday in middletown. mount airy, 3.8 inches. laurel, md., over 3.5 inches. emmitsburg, almost 3.5 inches. impressive rainfall totals. those were the highest accumulations on the network. not everybody saw that much. we had several locations with well over an inch. temperatures near 70, 68 in winchester, 74 in huntingtown. temperatures are a little cooler this morning than the past couple mornings. 270 south of frederick as rain showers. in the district is light rain. south of 95, down 95 from the mixing bowl, we are seeing intense rain showers. a lot of wet roads is still an early this morning.
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be prepared. there's an easterly flow of the ocean that will keep was unsettled with a chance of a few showers today and this weekend. high temperatures in the mid 80's. you will feel the humidity. a few peaks of sunshine this afternoon. that's today through sunday. high temperatures will remain in the mid 80's. chance of storms again by next week. seven-day forecasts in a few minutes. storm damage out there from yesterday to deal with. wet roads. we are looking at pennsylvania avenue heading to the capital. traffic is in pretty good shape. on the beltway if there was a downed tree on the outer loop near the interchange at university blvd.. that was going to be blocking the right side of the roadway. expect to find some construction. outer loop at 66, a car was stopped on the roadway in the work zone. this is 270 out of hyattstown in pretty good shape. springfield traffic looks pretty
5:22 am
good. no accidents from woodbridge up to the beltway. back to you. >> thank you. a lot better than yesterday. 5:21, 71 degrees. >> coming up, the redskins' kick off the preseason tonight. the ravens got underway yesterday. we will have highlights from baltimore and a preview of redskins coming up. >> today on "oprah," but the star julia roberts discusses life, love, and marriage, today at 4:00.
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the ball hammered to right- center. >> welcome back. 5:25. last night's nationals/marlins game was delayed two dollars by the rain. if the nationals probably wish it had been washed altogether. bishop of the nationals 5-0. >> the nationals will try again tonight against arizona. >> tonight is the redskins also. >> it is game day during the redskins did you against the bills tonight at fedex field. we get our first look at mike shanahan policy new ballclub. -- mike shanahan's new ballclub. they want to get the dead and intimidate.
5:26 am
>> we will see how all we are tackling for the first time. we will evaluate everything afterwards. >> i think the players are excited. they're looking forward to playing the game, of training camp. i think it will be a fun game. >> the preseason tip off in baltimore last night, the panthers and the ravens. joe flacco there. goes deeper. the ravens win. 17-12 was the final score. have a great day, everybody. tgif. >> keeping an eye on that team. 71 degrees outside. the news continues at 5:30. >> still ahead, if the tables could be turning on america's most famous flight attendant. we will tell you why. >> new details done the capture
5:27 am
of the accused serial stamper. that story's coming up. -- serial stabber. >> we are we go through them all the time. doors that mark the day's events. new beginnings. endings. routines. revealing the stories and dramas -- the victories and challenges -- that help us go through new doors of our own. be part of the story. colonial williamsburg.
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> tree branches every wawhere e on top of causes. >> still ahead, cleaning up and more rain is on the lake. good morning. if it's friday, august 13. glad you are with us. i am scott thuman. >> i am greta kreuz. alison starling is off today.
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adam caskey has the forecast. the worst has passed. >> things are improving a little. we still have rain in the forecast. it's already reining in many parts of our region, including the metro area, but it is not bad. light showers. we have an easterly flow. there's abundant low-level moisture. cloudy today with areas of light rain. the doppler is in motion. little bits of light rain in the district, fairfax county, leesburg, and farther north into a frederick county. more clouds and sunshine today. a few isolated showers near 80 degrees. warming up back to nearly 90 degrees on monday with a chance of thunderstorms on monday and tuesday. it is 5:30.
5:31 am
it's friday. we have wet roads. some damage left over from yesterday. in springfield it's in pretty good shape. on the allyson loop near $66 a car stopped on the road in a bad spot on the right side. the beltway north of town looks pretty good despite the wet pavement. a tree was down on the order of that university blvd. that was going to be blocking the far right side. a bunch of debris still in the right lane. you can drive through it, but not a great idea. it is not causing much slowing. 270 looks good except for light pavement -- wet pavement coming out of hyattstown. thousands of homes and businesses are still without power after yesterday's double dose. the numbers are starting to fall, but there are still plenty of colleges in the region. montgomery county was one of the hardest-hit. 33,000 customers still in the
5:32 am
dark at last check. the law cleanup after mother nature's latest mess, severe storms on thursday left the region littered with downed trees and power lines. for some people it has become an all too familiar theme. pamela brown is live in southwest. >> there was more flooding overnight, some of the worst we've seen in southwest d.c. the potomac has been swelling to to the water runoff. the rain overnight has not helped the situation. a lot of people are dealing with flooded basements. they're going to get sandbags at k st. andrews avenue in southeast. a lot of downed trees all over the region. crews worked overnight to cleared the trees off the roadways. downed power lines.
5:33 am
they're trying to open the roads back up. that has been a major problem ever since the two storms yesterday. the downed trees on houses and people's cars and businesses. a lot of people will have to repair their homes as a direct result. yesterday their work 12 or water rescues in the district alone. people trapped in their cars due to water. 400 calls came in to d.c. fire. they usually get that many in , but those were in $12. >> the river overflowed and haines point in southwest d.c. and the water covered a park bench. on rock creek parkway during the day it was pushed over its banks
5:34 am
and it flooded the parkway. some cars were carried downstream. left behind plenty of damage. new developments from the rest of a serial stabber. we are learning details about the string of violence across several states, including leesburg, virginia. the man the police say tried to flee the country. now the latest from abc's. >> east of dallas police hands twice before he was finally caught and atlanta airport. last week 33-year-old alison and doug. >> thank you. abuelazamld elias was arrested at a traffic stop. he posted bail and was released. this man was along on an urban street when a stranger asked for directions or help with his vehicle and then started
5:35 am
stabbing. almost murdered. >> i've never felt so much pain in my life. >> he should be hanged. >> disciplines video helped convince police that he was the man. he is in america legally. he spoke to his mother in israel. he was paged to the ticket counter and police closed in. even though most of the victims are african-american, police have not determined an official motive. investigators are looking for the gunman behind the deadly shooting in landover. the 2600 block of kent village doggett mt. clare 30 last night -- kennth village drive 10: 30 last night.
5:36 am
the victim was pronounced dead. there's a bill president is signing that calls for more agents and equipment along the mexican border. crews arent testing of labolt to see if it is plugged. the government says it's likely bp will continue drilling the relief well, which is close to completion, if tests show that the mud and cement injected a couple weeks ago into the oil well have sealed it, kill will not be needed. donovan mcnabb makes his first start as a washington redskin. we will preview tonight's preseason debut. safety upgrades for metrorail, some colorful changes that you will see. another check on your
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my name is britney hilton. we are at the montgomery county fair. , and john is for the dance competition starting august 13. -- come out and join us. not as active as yesterday, but still a little unsettled. there's light rain. the commute will be damp.
5:40 am
there are areas of rain especially from frederick into leesburg and around brunswick and ruckersville, bethesda, chevy chase -- rockville. the showers are hardly moving this morning. there's not much to push them. if it's raining in your area, expected to be light. there will be more chances of rain later on today. more clouds and sunshine today. we are in the low 70's. 73 yet reagan national. on our way to 75. morning clouds. postulate days thundershowers. -- partial, a late day thundershowers. outer loop at 66, a vehicle stop on the roadway on the
5:41 am
right. on the a little that university, there was a downed tree tying up the far right side. 270 de clackum de good morning, a detective getting through hyattstown. springfield traffic in pretty good shape. no accidents coming out of woodbridge toward the beltway. standing water on kenilworth ave. northbound at burroughs along the right side of the road. back to you. >> thank you. metro is taking new steps to enhance passenger safety. installing red platform warning lights at 14 metrorail stations. at a dozen more stations next year. the alert passengers about an approaching train and they are a reminder to stand back from the edge. 71 degrees. >> coming up, a surfer may have taken leave of his senses. we will show you why, in the second.
5:42 am
>> in adamec county this morning, tens of thousands of pepco customers are without power. trees have been toppled by the powerful storm. trees have been toppled by the powerful storm. >> jetblue's
5:43 am
5:44 am
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checking our top stories at 5:45 this friday morning. the d.c. area is cleaning up after another severe round of thunderstorms. yesterday insta-weather brought down trees and power lines, leaving thousands of homes and businesses in the dark. there were flash floods that left several roads under water as well. authorities have caught up with a man wanted in the deadly interstate stabbing spree. elias abuelazam was trying to board a flight from atlanta to televisa, israel. he's the prime suspect in 20 attacks in michigan, ohio, and
5:46 am
leesburg, virginia. the tables may be turning for the jetblue flight attendant. several passengers now say it was steven slater who instigated the confrontation and that he is drinking on the job. he used the plane's emergency chutes to escape after cursing at a passenger. the numbers have been staggering. and one time or another over the past few months, hundreds of thousands of pepco customers have been left in the dark. now with the latest round of severe weather, back to square one. mike conneen is live in white along with the latest on that. good morning. >> right now we are told that 41,000 customers across our region are without power. the vast majority in montgomery county. $33 and customers in white oak of without power. montgomery county was hardest hit.
5:47 am
the tree toppled over by the fierce wind yesterday. pepco crews of working around- the-clock especially in montgomery county. more customers are back on line this morning, but it is a daunting debt and debt for those crews, frustrated by a series of storms. a pepco official says the storms and colleges that come with them are not only challenging, they are frustrated just like the customers. >> it has been a challenge. to rebuild the system three times in two and a half weeks has not been an easy task. >> we are live this morning off colesville road carella 29, we saw several stoplights out completely or flashing reject rd, route, abou 29e
5:48 am
the probe into the alaska plane crash is entering a new phase. federal investigators have finished much of their work at the site. they have now shifted their focus to interview survivors and hoisting the wreckage from the steep mountainside. the senators fuel will be held on monday in anchorage. we have an update on the survivors. former nasa chief sean o'keefe remains in critical condition in anchorage and the hospital. his son kevin and jim morhard of alexandria are listed in fair condition. willie phillips is in critical condition. d.c. police will have extra officers on patrol truck the district to cut down on crime. mayor fenty and police chief cathy lanier will announce the initiative at 4:00 this afternoon at eighth street and g street in northwest. "wikileaks" is preparing to
5:49 am
release more secret documents on the afghan war. last month the website published 76,000 documents about the conflict. army private bradley manning of potomac is accused of leaking the documents. the pentagon says police in the best of those documents could cause even more damage -- releasing the rest of those documents. 132 schools face sanctions for failing to pass standards. fairfax county is the only school system in northern virginia that met all the benchmarks. adam caskey is with us. last night i was in silver spring. so many intersections were out. looks like people are stopping at the four-ways and looking
5:50 am
around. now they're wondering when they're getting a break. >> we get a break later on today, but we still have a few isolated showers this afternoon and this weekend. it's raining in middletown, md. right now. it rained a lot yesterday. any guesses on how much rain fell their? >> four inches. >> 4.1. that is amazing. no longer a drought in that area. let's look at the shallow right now. you can see a few scattered showers across the region. this is an adult led. prince william county and southern fairfax county. -- this is south of the beltway.
5:51 am
locally around the beltway, areas of light rain. a moderate downpour in roslyn -- rosslyn. farther to the north and west in middletown there is light rain. frederick, urbana, all the, leesburg -- olney, leesburg getting light rain. we have an unsettled weather pattern with the easterly flow of the ocean. there's high pressure over new usland that's giving unsettled weather. mostly cloudy today, 85 degrees with a few light showers. this weekend we can expect similar conditions with highs in the mid 80's. do we anticipate partial afternoon sunshine this weekend? yes. we have wet roads. we don't have any big problems
5:52 am
at the moment. looking at the beltway at new hampshire, traffic going away from us is the allen route. there's a tree down on the alan lin at university, blocking the end of the marjolaine coming off the calendar. all four beltway lanes are maintained despite the edges of tree limbs on the right lane. you would be better off to the left. springfield traffic looks pretty good along 95. no accidents. the toll road and green light are in pretty good shape coming inbound to the beltway. no accidents at the wilson bridge in either direction. back to you. >> thank you. time for a morning chat. this will get you going. a california surfer got up and personal with a shock. chuck patterson saw a great white shark lurking beneath the surface.
5:53 am
the sharks slapped its tail on the board before swimming away. he put the camera under the water. >> 9 feet long. he did not bite. >> are you trying to get sutterville or taking time for a photograph? -- trying to get a lot of there? >> i was fishing in the gulf of mexico. my wife, and that between me and i sure was a dorsal fin. >> there is a music competition underway in memphis, tennessee. singers are not competing to be on "american idol". they want to be the original elvis presley. the winner gets $20,000.
5:54 am
which one do you think? they all have the same hairdo. >> 100 years from now, will we still have elvis impersonators? >> it is just like clowns. there will always be with us. >> by the club 54, 71 degrees. >> we will be right back. it's not back-to-school,
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some might say it has been forever. the redskins will be at fedex field. >> game 1 of the preseason for the redskins as they take on buffalo. the redskins are trying to rebound off last year's miserable record. they have a new coach and a new quarterback. tonight we will see if they have a new winning attitude. don't expect to see much of donovan mcnabb. he is on expected to see 15 plays for the scrimmage. >> i know the players are excited. they are tired of training camp and looking forward to the fun game. >> kickoff at 7:30. don't be late if you don't want to miss the stars. a lot more to come in the second alhour. >> how to beat the freshman
5:58 am
curse. >> our region is in cleanup mode curse. >> our region is in cleanup mode dairy producing area in the state of california. many of the dairies have gone by the wayside in this area. [ jill ] so my sisters and i came back to the farm to help my father realize his dream of producing a finished product here on the dairy. you know it's a way to keep this farm in our family. [ bob ] we were born and raised up here and we'll be up here the rest of our lives, i'll guarantee you that. ♪
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moments away on "good morning washington" -- a double dose of mother nature's furey least tens of thousands in the dark. there's more rain this morning and another long cleanup. >> if it's him, he should be haed


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